Tuesday, May 7, 2013

La Noche en Blanco

                Done with Midterms! Travelling this weekend to Huaraz, which as far as I can tell is one of the most beautiful, pristine places on earth. So excited! Also, today is Emma’s birthday. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! You’re my favorite Dutchie by far.

photo of a photo by a Dutch artist at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
                Last weekend, as a study break, I soaked up some culture in La Noche en Blanco (The Night in White) in Barranco, Lima, which is a bohemian artsy district. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Barranco is “personality.” Everywhere you look, you can spot something with character whether it is an olive green house with 70’s style drapes or a restaurant where everyone sits on sofas or the abandoned railroad cars scattered across the district, wood and iron playmates in the parks.
                And then add art! Add color, add thousands of people, add weird videos and statues and dances that I don’t even understand. That’s La Noche en Blanco. Beauty. Interpretation. Interaction: people and art. Which is what it should be, no? What is the intention of art? For me, it is to get in touch with the human core, to understand ourselves better, to reveal, to critique, to praise, to be—on another level. And if we as viewers cannot participate in art, then has it not failed in its intention because by not letting us interact with it, the artist has therefore cut off the art’s human ties, excising its connection to humanity and losing the very essence of the work? That’s why La Noche en Blanco is so brilliant; it makes art accessible to the public by putting it out on display for us to see and marvel at and question as a community.

I have no idea what anything
was intended to be,
and I don’t have an interpretation
most of the pieces.
But I saw
and was opened
to a
new way of looking
at the world,

the bottom says "Querer es poder"
"When there's a will, there's a way"

paper birds!

aves...en blanco! (same photo as above)
La virgen

This was just a display of random stuff...so i re-made it art with the photoshop

Chairs were stacked in weird sculpture-like patterns all over this park
Sorry for so many photo effects...had to disguise the blurriness somehow. Pictures are difficult to capture at night!

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